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Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire

A simple image of Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy sitting at The Drunken Clam bar.

The wallpaper is 1920x1200 in PNG format at around 0.2MB.


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GO! Launches

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

GO! Launch

Today, the newest Australian TV channel launched on the Nine Network. The digital only channel titled GO! started with the second season of Wipeout US and was followed by four repeat episodes of "The Big Bang Theory".

In doing so, Nine HD has had a reduction of bandwidth and a resolution change to 1440x1080i to compensate for the inexcusable sub-3Mbps subchannel.

The result of this move is both channels having extremely low quality images with GO! suffering below YouTube video.

Content will continue from now onwards with the highlights being an ARIA music show nightly from after midnight to around 6am. Should you miss a program, the content will be replayed during the daytime schedule effectively having a 12 hour block played twice daily.

An upside to this new channel is that now Nine HD will be simulcasting all Nine content but unfortunately this means that all programs filmed in HD that are exclusive to GO! such as Terminator, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and many more will now only be shown in standard definition.

GO! can be found on Channel 99 for metro markets and 88 in regional WIN territories.

Update: Scratch the part about the ARIA music show, it is a loop of music that repeats around each hour. Hopefully Nine have more than this for the future.

Visit the offical GO! website...